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ProHealth Customer Case Study

See how medical IOT devices are classified, regulated, and secured with the Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE). Download the Pro Health case study.

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ProHealth, founded over a century ago, provides a multitude of services ranging from fitness and wellness, home health care, hospice care, hospital care, occupational health, primary care, rehabilitation, specialty care, senior living, urgent and emergency care, and virtual (telehealth) visits. The diversity of services contributed to IT and Biomed challenges such as accurately identifying and securing all network connected IoT and medical IoT devices across many types of sites.

ProHealth selected the Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) to transform its business operations—automatically discovering connected devices, understanding risks and usage, and accelerating segmentation. The Ordr SCE enables both IT and Biomed teams within ProHealth to keep up with HIPAA compliance requirements and automate security operations, ultimately resulting in reduced operational costs and increased quality of patient care.