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How to Understand and Use Medical Device Utilization Information for Decision Making

Understanding what network devices you have and how those devices are being used can seem like a tremendous undertaking. In this session, we will discuss how Ordr has helped organizations understand their real-time inventory and device utilization. Ordr has worked with some of the largest medical providers today to reduce downtime and improve ROI. Big or small Ordr has worked with them, and we have found the problem areas are to be similar for all Health Delivery Organizations. In this session, we will look at the key use cases Ordr has seen with our clients to; discuss the visibility and insights they need to make educated capital purchases; tips and tricks to better and more efficiently manage their fleet; strategies to manage vulnerable medical systems, and insights into driving efficiency and capital savings with their medical devices. Key Learnings: Where continuous visibility of medical devices on your network is a key aspect in managing equipment. When and where to leverage utilization tracking of fleet equipment and high capital equipment How you can reduce downtime and improve ROI of your medical devices How to leverage utilization information for security risk mitigation and risk assessments