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Building a Successful Medical Device Security Program (Security + IT + HTM)

Healthcare organizations have continued to be impacted by the rise in connected devices on their networks and despite the healthcare technology management (HTM), cybersecurity, and information technology teams sharing some of the same objectives, many of the organizations still have barriers to reaching the common objective of medical device security. When it comes to developing a medical device security strategy it takes a village. Join Eric Ross, System Director Clinical Engineering of M Health Fairview, David Yeager, Biomed Security DBA at ProHealth Care, and Ben Stock, Director of Healthcare Product Development at Ordr in a fireside chat on how to build a successful medical device security program.

In this webinar, they will discuss:

  • How HTM, Security, and IT teams work together to properly secure medical devices
  • What challenges Eric, David, and Ben have faced
  • Where to start when building a strategy
  • What are real policies that Eric, David and Ben have set up to secure medical devices