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Detect and Mitigate Ripple20

Learn how Ordr can help to detect and mitigate the vulnerabilities caused by Ripple20. Read the security bulletin now.

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Are you worried about Ripple20 vulnerabilities? Organizations are now scrambling to assess their exposure by identifying any vulnerable assets in their inventory, and then respond by either patching or implementing compensating controls to protect at-risk devices.

Ordr now offers a solution for organizations to detect and mitigate risks from Ripple20 vulnerabilities. Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) can:

  • Identify vulnerable assets impacted by Ripple20 via our new Ripple20 scanner
  • Passively identify devices that are vulnerable to Ripple20 through device classification comparisons with known vulnerable device lists
  • Detect active exploitation of Ripple20 using our built-in intrusion detection engine
  • Proactively protect devices from Ripple20 attacks by dynamically generating policies and enforcing them on network devices or next-generation firewalls.