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Are Your Patients at Risk? Protecting Medical Devices with IoT Security

Given the productivity benefits, IoT device usage in healthcare has risen to 87% and continues to expand. IoT devices in medical include everything from MRI and X-ray machines to infusion pumps and cameras. The IoT security risk also continues to rise with 82% of healthcare organizations reporting a security incident. Healthcare organizations also face the highest security breach costs averaging $6.45M per incident, or 65% higher than the industry average.

How are you enabling your IoT devices while ensuring they are secure? Join Check Point and Ordr in this webinar to understand more about medical devices and their cybersecurity risks, as well as learn best practices to mitigate risks to ensure your patients are safe. This webinar will include:

  • A discussion of vulnerabilities and risks in connected medical and IoT devices
  • Security considerations to strengthen defenses in key phases of the medical device lifecycle
  • How to bring networking, security, and HTM teams together for an effective medical device security program
  • How Ordr and Check Point work together to identify malicious intent, profile risks and behavior, and secure medical devices at scale