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Building a Strategy For Securing The Internet of Medical Things

IoT technology and medical devices have surfaced as top security risk exposure areas for healthcare providers in 2020. Devices can range widely, from ventilators and infusion pumps to HVAC systems and video surveillance cameras. Having a well-defined strategy for prioritizing devices and remediation activities is essential to protecting patients and healthcare organizations from adverse security impacts. The landscape has evolved considerably and technology and formalized programs have have emerged at leading providers to effectively track, report, and remediate security vulnerabilities for IoT and medical device assets.

Hear from Ordr and Meditology as they outline proven strategies for securing IoT and medical device assets in healthcare. Discover leading practices from real-world deployments including technology automation, roles and responsibilities, communication and governance approaches, and much more.

In this session, Ordr and Meditology will address the following:

  • Challenges with securing connected devices in healthcare
  • Regulatory and standards updates for IoT and medical devices
  • How to create and sustain a formal medical devices security and IoT program
  • Leading practices from real-world deployments