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Building The Business Case For Connected Device Inventory and Security for Financial Services

Connected devices including a new wave of IoT devices is driving digital transformation in financial services. But, whether dealing with traditional laptops and servers, or ATMs, security cameras and connected facilities equipment, these devices bring potential cybersecurity risks if not properly secured. This is particularly important as you consider the statistic that cyberattacks hit financial services firms 300 times more than other sectors. At the same time, security teams must maintain and document regulatory compliance with a wide array of standards ranging from PCI-DSS, FNRA, and FFIEC.

Join us for this fireside chat as Jeff Horne, CSO Of Ordr and Marc Crudgington, CISO of Woodforest Bank, discuss how to build a business case for a connected device security program. They will explore the risks that connected and IoT devices bring, the importance of real-time asset inventory, and considerations to secure high-risk devices. Jeff and Marc will also share real-world financial services best practices.

In this session, you will learn the following

  • Risks with the explosive growth of connected devices in financial services
  • How to develop a business case to secure these devices
  • How to start with asset inventory and understanding of device behavior and risks
  • Real-world financial services best practices