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How leading Healthcare Organizations are Securing Connected Medical Devices with Ordr

Hospitals have greater insight and security controls for their printers than their networked medical devices that deliver care to a patient. With nearly 15 IoMT and IoT devices per bed, organizations remain challenged to identify, monitor, and secure these mission critical assets from cyberthreats.

Hear why leading healthcare organizations selected Ordr, and how they are transforming their healthcare cybersecurity practices. Whether you are in health technology management, information security, or information technology, this session will cover topics that are top-of-mind for you.

The engaging discussion will cover:

  • Why gaining complete visibility of all your IoMT, IoT and unmanaged devices is easy
  • How to enrich your CMMS / CMDB system and streamline lifecycle IoMT management
  • What you can do to continually monitor risk of your healthcare devices and rapidly respond to new vulnerabilities and threats
  • How to feasibly implement segmentation to protect critical equipment while keeping it operational
  • The benefits each stakeholder team realizes
  • Best practices from top healthcare organizations with case study examples