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Mayo Clinic Efforts to Secure Connected Devices and HIoT

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges with their healthcare IoT devices that can disrupt their mission of delivering patient care. These devices are not always designed with security in mind, can be in service for years, and can be a challenge to discover or patch. With nearly 15 connected devices per bed, the ability to gain visibility into these devices and secure them at scale is more critical than ever. In this session, hear from Mayo Clinic and Ordr on best practices to gain complete visibility into these devices, profile behavior and risks, and enable the right policies to segment them.

This session will address the following:
·      Importance of visibility and security of healthcare IoT devices
·      “Whole hospital” approach for securing IoMT, IoT and unmanaged devices
·      How to continually monitor these devices for risks, recalls and new vulnerabilities
·      Zero trust segmentation strategies to isolate and protect vulnerable medical devices