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Not Your Average Fireside Chat – Breaking Down the Barriers of Traditional Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity field has evolved many times over the past 25 years, with today’s CISO—focused on regulatory compliance, nation-state attacks, IP theft, and ransomware threats—far removed from the 1990’s-era part-time job of deleting endpoint viruses. With security cutting across so many organizational silos, how can CISOs most effectively gain the support of diverse groups such as Legal, Compliance, Networking, IT, and business leaders? How can technologies provide a common language and set of metrics to drive meaningful dialog, particularly as traditional IT merges with business-critical operational technology (OT) and increasingly-important IoT devices? Industry experts, Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Global Field CISO of Fortinet and Jeff Horne, Chief Security Officer of Ordr, will share their knowledge on how they have adapted over the years to the transforming landscape, areas where they see technologies evolving to meet the needs of security teams globally, and where compliance standards or frameworks can be helpful or can hinder the process of securing assets.

With more than 40 years of collective industry experience, Jonathan and Jeff will cover:

  • How security management responsibilities have evolved
  • When collaboration with IT, legal, and other teams is critical to success
  • Why the convergence of IT and OT reshapes security assumptions
  • How the IoT Cybersecurity Act, similar legislation, and regulatory frameworks will impact the industry