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Ordr and Cisco ISE: Taking Control of Connected Device security in the Hyper-Connected Enterprise

Have you already deployed the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)? Using the Ordr Systems Control Engine with Cisco ISE can dramatically simplify and accelerate your deployments. Ordr goes beyond Netflow and IPFIX, to deliver high-fidelity discovery of unmanaged and IoT devices connected to the network, Networking teams not only gain an understanding of device classification, behavior and risks, but also can seamlessly segment vulnerable and mission-critical devices without impacting business operations.

In this session, learn how Ordr:

  • Automates IoT device discovery and classification and shares with Cisco ISE
  • Provides detailed device context, behavior and risks to Cisco ISE to guide segmentation design
  • Dynamically generates segmentation policies to accelerate Cisco ISE controls for IoT devices
  • Delivers threat-centric access control details to Cisco ISE, if a device's risks profile changes