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Ransomware From the Healthcare Frontlines

The headlines say it all. Ransomware as a service is here, and it’s not going away. Attackers are no longer individual hackers in mom’s basement. They are a marketplace with products, services and customer support.

How did we get here? What should security teams do differently to better detect ransomware? What’s worked in the real-world? In this webinar recording, join our three cybersecurity experts --- Brad LaPorte, Gartner veteran and partner, High Tech Advisors, Kevin Tambascio, Manager of Cybersecurity at Cleveland Clinic, and Jamison Utter, Sr. Director Product and Solutions Evangelism at Ordr, as they provide unique perspectives on the ransomware threat landscape.

You will hear the following:

  • How you can build your own ransomware campaign from Darkweb building blocks
  • The impact to ransomware on healthcare
  • Best practices to better detect and respond to ransomware